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Website Speed

A website must load quickly for both user experience and search engine rankings. To increase the speed of your website, optimize pictures, use browser caching, and cut down on code.


Use a robots.txt file to tell search engine crawlers which pages to index and which to skip. This helps to keep sensitive or irrelevant content hidden from search engines.

XML Sitemaps

Make XML sitemaps and submit them to search engines. These sitemaps provide a comprehensive list of all the key pages on your website, which will improve the way search engines index your material.

404 Errors

Regularly check for broken links and 404 errors. Utilize the proper redirects to ensure that users and search engines can get the desired information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: A website that is one or two years old will begin to exhibit improvements in search results within 2 to 3 weeks of optimization. In order to adapt to improved website speed and to crawl, evaluate, and reindex new information, search engines need time. Therefore, it can take 8–10 weeks before you see any real growth on your website.

Answer: The rating of your website will rise steadily. However, a lot of our rivals have lost customers as a result of Google upgrades. dMarkstar’s method and careful planning should help your page rank for a very long time.

Answer: No, Not a penny! Just Order the Suitable package for you now! Then we’ll discuss everything via Email/WhatsApp

Answer: Various factors affect how much SEO services cost. It includes many different things, such as rivals, the number of web pages, and the current performance of the search.

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